The Hold my Hand Series is a portrait session designed to capture moments with the very person or people you wish to walk with through life with.

I believe it’s with the people we love, the connections we share and the sense of touch and emotion we have with each other
that make the timeless memories that are carried through life.
Photography simply helps you remember exactly what they felt like.

I purposely wanted to keep these sessions broad.
Who we love in life is so beautifully dynamic and completely unique to us.

For you this might be calm personal moments with your partner,
movie afternoons with the family,
a messy walk with the kids,
alone time just you and the baby,
cooking a meal with your best friend,
celebrating an engagement,
celebrating a baby bump made together,
capturing a significant milestone,
or simply breathing in life a little deeper next to the one you love.

Honest moments with people you never want to forget, held in time.

Whatever life moments you want to treasure, however you treasure them and with whom, they belong to you and these are the moments you deserve to hold close.

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If you’d like to learn more or have an idea you wish to discuss with me about a portrait session, please feel free to email me directly.

Or you can find me on Instagram @hello_kathryntaylor

Thank you for being here, for reading this.

— Kathryn